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The little girl that God sent

GERHARD BURGER het meegaande stukkie wat hy vir sy vrou, Sandra, se gedenkdiens geskryf het, vir publikasie aan K’rant beskikbaar gestel:

And so, on the umpteenth day, God created a special little girl and sent her down to earth to spread love and happiness all over.

She arrived in the spring of 1946, in October – die mooiste, mooiste maand –
and she captivated everyone she met. And everyone just loved her, right from the start, all through her life. Her laugh, her smile, her sparkling eyes and the joy that surrounded her made people laugh, smile and enjoy life.

Wherever she went, she did what God had sent her to do.

God also told her to marry a man who needed a special woman to lead and inspire him. And God let them have two daughters to carry on her work as they grew up.

Spreading love, joy and happiness is what she did every day of her life, except the last few, when she was too ill and too tired to laugh and smile. But even then she radiated love, and those around her kept thanking God for sending Sandra to earth to show everyone how to live their lives.