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Soektog na Swazi se bont klippe

HAZEL CUTHBERTSON writes: I came across the K'rant blog today, and I wonder if you could help me?

I am trying to contact Gert Coetzee who had an article published in Die Vaderland on 10 June 1975. It was called "Ou Swazi se bont klippe op die kyk-kassie".

I am a postgraduate student at Wits doing research on Nukain Mabuza, the man whom the article was about. There was a photograph accompanying the article and I want to try and contact Gert to ask him if he has any more photographs and if he has any more notes or memories about his meeting with Nukain.

Do you possibly have an email address where I could contact Gert?

Also, do you know where the archive of back issues is for Die Vaderland and the Pretoria News? I would like to get copies of articles about Nukain. (Kom ons kyk of ons vir Hazel kan help. Haar e-pos adres is - Red)